The Merriwethers in Malvern - July 2000

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Helen visiting Grammy and Granddaddy Merriwether in July, 1999.

436 x 400
Posing for Granddaddy on her bike

434 x 400
Raring to go

316 x 400
Unlike most of my cousins, I still like having my picture taken

500 x 309
Cruising with cousin Will

500 x 391
Entertaining baby Emma with cousin Will

261 x 400
Waiting for a customer.

260 x 400
Cousin Ella stops by the station.

500 x 425
Finally, customers cousin Maddie and Kenny

295 x 400
Posing for a cousins photo

479 x 400
Playing inside with cousin Ella

500 x 423
We had a little party, and here I am with Ella.

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