The Merriwethers in Malvern - July 2000

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Kenny visiting Grammy and Granddaddy Merriwether in July, 1999.

239 x 400
Kenny's bike is still decorated from the 4th of July parade at home in Michigan.

338 x 400
Kenny's bike racked up many "miles" at Grammy's.

442 x 400
Oh Oh! There were many close calls with other "vehicles".

500 x 319
Cruising with cousin Vince.

356 x 400
Taking a break from riding.

500 x 392
Taking a jeep ride with cousin Maddie.

398 x 400
Playing with cousin Maddie. They were inseparable.

354 x 400
Posing with cousin Maddie.

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High flying Kenny.

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Each of the cousins recevied a medal from Grammy. Cousin Will waits for his.

500 x 242
Having fun with cousin Vince.

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