Jacob & Linda Merriwether
ITINERARY 07/05/00 - 07/18/00

Photos from our journey -
Wed, July 05 Late Morning - Depart Malvern
Evening - At Donegal Days Inn (724) 593-7536
Thu, July 06 8:00 AM - Begin Tour of Falling Water,
Evening - At Best Western Univ. Center,
Pittsburgh (412) 683-6100
Fri, July 07 Tour the Frick Art & Historical Center
http://www.frickart.org/home/ Afternoon - Depart for Ann Arbor
Night - At Webber Motel, Ann Arbor (734) 769-2500
NOTE: If we do not make it all the way to Ann Arbor Fri.
we'll stop somewhere along the Interstate in Ohio.
Sat, July 08 thru Mon, July 10
Daytime with the Merriwethers, (734) 426-4178
Nights at Webber Motel, Ann Arbor (734) 769-2500
Tue, July 11 Morning - Depart for two day drive to Waterloo, Iowa.
Tue night accommodations not known at this time.
Wed, July 12 Arrive Waterloo, IA
Night at Best Western Starlite Village (319) 235-0321
Thu, July 13 - Fri, July 14
At Two-Cylinder Club Expo, Waterloo, Iowa
Nights at Best Western Starlite Village (319) 235-0321
Sat, July 15 Morning - Depart for Moline, Ill
Afternoon - At John Deere Museum, Moline
Night - Unknown
Sun, July 16 - Tue, July 18 Drive home from Moline.
Route and stops undetermined at this time.
Car phone# is (610) 547-9780
Donna Kling will be house-sitting while we are away. She will be staying at the house at night, but will be at work at Gateway Pharmacy [(610) 933-2609] during weekdays. She will take care of Roddie, the mail and the plants and has Nick, Wendy and Brad's phone numbers in the event of emergencies.
Updates to this itinerary will be posted to
Assuming we can make a modem connection, we will check email once a day. We will also check the home answering machine from time to time.