Ella at Grammy & Granddaddys, July 2000
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Ella at Grammy & Granddaddys, July 2000

500 x 385
Holding babies (Emma) is tougher than I thought.

283 x 400
This is better.

410 x 400
Having fun!

307 x 400
I talk with my hands as well as my mouth.

330 x 400
This play food is not very tasty.

262 x 400
Granddaddy, are you STILL taking pictures?

301 x 400
Emma and I like to suck on our fingers.

500 x 373
When I'm tired, Daddy's lap is a great place to park.

286 x 400
A pretty dress on a pretty girl.

500 x 399
Playing with cousin Helen.

500 x 395
We had lots of fun.

458 x 400
Posing for the family photo with cousin Emma

342 x 400
Jumping with Helen

290 x 400
Stretching out with Helen and Maddie

255 x 400
Running the gas station with Helen

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