Nick and Jill Merriwether's Family Photos

Ella Patricia Merriwether

Born 09/18/96, 9:42 am
Weight: 7 lbs, 8.8 oz
First child of Nick and Jill Merriwether of Malvern, PA.


Sarah Nicole Merriwether

Born 06/29/01, 12:57 am
Weight: 7 lbs, 5 oz
Second child of Nick and Jill Merriwether of Malvern, PA.
First Photos!



FIRST PHOTOS OF SARAH  Last updated 06/29/01.
Several photos by Dad and others during Sarah's first hour and a few more by Granddaddy about 8 hours later.

Ella at Grammy and Granddaddy's in July, 2000
July was special because Ella had a chance to play with ALL of her Merriwether cousins, including new baby Emma.

Ella at Grammy and Granddaddy's in June, 2000  Last updated 08/04/00.
Ella decorates her own hat and then blows bubbles and has fun outside.

Ella's Easter 2000  Last updated 08/04/00.
Ella celebrates Easter with an egg hunt at home and then some partying at Grammy and Granddaddy Merriwether's.

Visiting at Grammy Linda's in April
Ella visits with cousins Vince and Maddie at Grammy and Granddaddy's on April 15, 2000. Ella still has a fat lower lip from a fall the weekend before.

Ella and Family - Oct. 1998 - Sept 1999
Photos from October 1998 at Grammy Linda's through cousin Kenny and Helen's visit in May 1999 and riding Granddaddy's tractor in August.

Ella and Family - December 1997
Photos from the holiday season including Mom, Dad and best buddy Sam.

Ella - October 1997
Ella goes to New Hampshire with Mom and Aunt Pat and Uncle Bert, and then to Ann Arbor, MI to visit Uncle Andy, Aunt Ann and cousins Kenny and Helen.

Ella - September 1997, including First Birthday Party
Three inside photos on 09/11/97 and seven more from her birthday party on Sunday, 09/14/97.

Ella - July and August, 1997
These 12 photos were taken July 24th, eating fruit in Grammy's kitchen, and August 5th, in Ella's kitchen and back yard (at night), some with Sam.

Ella - June 7, 1997 (6 months)
These six photos were taken when Ella was visiting Grammy and Granddaddy at the age of 6 months.

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