The Rural Alianza Cooperative
The Rural Alianza Cooperative is a collection of small rural alpaca breeders who have formed regional cooperatives to pool resources and buy breeding stock and market their animals. There are over 50,000 alpacas in the total Rural Alianza herd. Rural Alianza has dominated in the show ring in Peru for the last two decades and are renowned for the enduring fineness and incredible colors.
Pasted GraphicPhoto by Andy Merriwether, 2009
Andy Merriwether (center) with the directors of Rural Alianza, Nunoa, at the Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco
La Raya Zoological Research Station:
Julio Cuva (red sweater, black hair)
Jose Apaza (blue jacket, no glasses)
Carlos Zea (accountant, glasses, green and grey sweater)
Virgilio Alarcon Bayonie (second from left, director of La Raya Zoological Research Station, Cuzco University)

Nyala’s Full Alianza breeding stock.
Full Alianza Breeding Males
NWA, LTD EB White - White, Proven, $3000
SA Peruvian Odessey - Light Brown, Proven, $850
El R. Peruvian Luciano - Medium Rose Grey, Proven, $2000
Bentwood’s Romeo - White, Proven, $1000 - Co-owned with Bentwood

Full Alianza Junior Herdsire Males
Nyala's Alianza Ambrose - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $3000
Nyala's Alianza Azarang - Dark Brown, Unproven, $3000
Nyala's Alianza Baccarat - Medium Brown, Unproven, $2000
Nyala's Alianza Caliburn - Medium Brown, Unproven, $3000
Bentwood’s Alianza Fuego - Black, Unproven, co-owned with Bentwood
Full Aliaznza Breeding Females
CODI's Peruvian Karmen - Dark Brown, Proven Female
CPeruvian Calanthe 1215 IMPF98 - Beige, Proven Female
CPeruvian Chimenia 2229 IMPF98 - Medium Brown, Proven Female
CPeruvian Natalee 1111 IMPF98 - Dark Rose Grey, Proven Female
CPeruvian Xaviera 2211 IMPF98 - Beige, Proven Female
WAR Peruvian Elisa - Light Fawn, Proven Female
Macusani's Peruvian Ashley - Light Brown, Female
My Peruvian Chansonette - True Black, Proven Female
Dewey Meadows Peruvian Jewel - Medium Fawn, Proven Female


Full Alianza Junior Females
Nyala's Alianza Lyric - Medium Brown, Unproven, $17500
Nyala's Alianza Teagueia - Medium Brown, Unproven, $30000
Nyala's Alianza Inca's Treasure - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $19000
Nyala’s Alianza Khaleesi - beige, Unproven, $10,000