Emma's First Week

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Emma Kathryn Shipley's First Week

311 x 500
Proud Dad checks out the nursery.

500 x 446
How do you like my mushroom hat?

500 x 367
Catch'n some rays.

500 x 310
Snooz'n in my car seat. (Great photo, Dad!)

390 x 450
I wish that guy with the camera would let me sleep.

500 x 333
Snug as a bug!

500 x 304
More zzzzzzzz's

331 x 408
Are you still there with that *!@& camera?

500 x 245
Great hands...

495 x 371
Hold'n On!

500 x 487
Now this is security!

320 x 480
I told you I was a stringbean.

This page shows photos by Dad, Mom, Aunt Carol and Granddaddy.

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