John and Kitty Shipley's Family Photos

Matthew at age 90 minutes

Matthew Jacob Shipley (age 90 min)

Born 09/21/01, 7:54 am
Weight: 8 lbs, 9 oz
Length: 21.5"
2nd child of John and Kitty Shipley, New Providence, NJ.
(More photos soon!)

Emma 07/26/00

Emma Kathryn Shipley

Born 04/02/00, 8:16 am
Weight: 6 lbs, 10 oz
Length: 19.5"
1st child of John and Kitty Shipley, New Providence, NJ.



Emma at Grammy and Granddaddy Merriwether's in July   (Last updated 08/04/00)
Emma had fun with her cousins while visiting Grammy and Granddaddy on July 25 through the 29th.

Emma's Fourth to Tenth Weeks   (Last updated 08/04/00)
Photos of Emma at home and at Grammy and Granddaddy's Merriwether's.

Emma's Third Week (With Salmon)   (posted 04/18/00)
Two photos of Emma, one snooz'n with Mom and sister Salmon, and the other her first portrait with Salmon.

Emma's First Week   (posted 04/09/00)
Dad checks out the hospital nursery, and then some great photos of Emma at home with Mom and Dad during her first week.

Emma's First Hour   (posted 04/02/00)
Photos taken by John and nurses at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ a few minutes after Emma and her parents finally get a good look at each other.

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