Vince and Maddie Freeland - Photos

  This is the Freeland Family Portrait,
Sketched by Vince Freeland, Age 4.
  Vince's family portrait  
  From the left: Maddie, Mommy, Me, Daddy, Grammy & Granddaddy
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Vincent Will

Born 05/14/93, 11:20 AM
Weight: 8 lbs, 6 oz


Madeline Elyse

Born 01/23/95, 3:33 PM
Weight: 8 lbs, 10 oz


Recent Photos

Vince and Maddie visit at Grammy's with their cousins  Last updated 08/06/00.
Vince and Maddie visited with all of their Merriwether cousins on July 29th and had a great time.

Vince and Maddie at Grammy's, June & July 2000  Last updated 08/06/00.
Vince, Maddie and cousin Ella do some painting at Grammy's and in July Vince and Maddie place flags and parade around for the 4th of July.

Vince's 7th Birthday at Miniature Golf  Last updated 08/06/00.
Vince's birthday party was a round of miniature golf with Maddie, cousin Will and his friend Tommy.

At Grammy's, April and May, 2000  Last updated 08/06/00.
Vince and Maddie do a little Easter egg decorating at Grammy's and also visit a Dinosaur Exhibit in Wilmington.

At Grammy's, April 14, 2000
Vince and Maddie at Grammy and Granddaddy's in April, joined for a while by cousin Ella.

Christmas 1999 through April 9, 2000.
Vince and Maddie with their Pokedexes at Christmas 1999, Maddie on her birthday in January, and both throwing snowballs at Grammy's on April 9th!!

August 1999.
Two August photos of Maddie and Vince.

At the pool and reading books, May - June 1999.
Here we are around our pool plus a great photo of Vince reading to Mom and Maddie, all taken May or June, 1999.

Dressup Fun - Jan-Mar 1999.  Last updated 10/16/99.
Maddie tries on some of her birthday dressup clothes and some tub high jinks at Grammy's.

Summer Fun - July - 1998.  Last updated 10/16/99.
Pool and Playground fun and visits with cousins Will and Ella, Summer 1998.

Vince's 5th Birthday (at home)
Photos of Vince's fifth birthday party held at home for parents and grandparents on May 14, 1998. (See other two sets below for Vince's Bowling Party.)

Vince's 5th Birthday Bowling Party (Part 1)
Part 1 of photos of Vince's fifth birthday bowling party held at the Limerick Lanes on May 16, 1998. (See other bowling party set below.)

Vince's 5th Birthday Bowling Party (Part 2)
Part 2 of photos of Vince's fifth birthday bowling party held at the Limerick Lanes on May 16, 1998. (See other bowling party set above.)

January 1998 and Maddie's 3rd Birthday
Photos of Vince and Maddie and of Maddie's Third Birthday.

Halloween Time - 1997
One photo taken the first day of school in September. Then a series taken in late October leading up to and during Halloween.

At Grammy's - October 1997
Playing at Grammy and Granddaddy's on two dates in October. These photos include the fabulous V/W Band, featuring Vince Freeland on Percussion, and Will Cronin on the Keyboard.

Finger Painting - October 10, 1997
Finger painting in their kitchen while Grammy and Granddaddy are "sitting".

Strasburg RR - August 16, 1997
Vince and Maddie tour the Strasburg Railroad with Grammy and Granddaddy.

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