The Freelands - At Grammy's April 15, 2000
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Vince and Maddie at Grammy's April 15, 2000

500 x 339
Maddie and Ella "zoned out" watching a video.

450 x 448
Maddie playing "Don't Bug Me" with Grammy.

262 x 400
Maddie likes privacy when looking at her playing cards.

500 x 383
I won!

500 x 328
I love playing with Granddaddy's iBook.

500 x 328
Now what should my next move be?

450 x 443
Maddie making gingerbread cookies with Grammy.

322 x 440
Cutting out the cookies.

352 x 440
Ella and Maddie practicing for an Easter Egg hunt.

289 x 440
Vince watches the girls hunting for stuff.

354 x 440
Watching Ella hunt for something under the cushion.

297 x 440
Putting with Ella's golf set. Great form !

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