The Freelands - April and May, 2000

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Vince and Maddie April and May, 2000

468 x 400
Maddie at Grammy's, April 2000

378 x 400
Vince coloring Easter eggs at Grammy's, April 2000.

293 x 400
Maddie poses with a dinosaur in the lobby of the dinosaur exhibit in Wilmington, DE, May 28, 2000.

500 x 384
Archeologists Maddie and Vince at the dinosaur exhibit "digs".

426 x 400
Look what I found!

500 x 399
At the dinosaur exhibit "digs".

500 x 328
With Grammy at the dinosaur exhibit.

295 x 400
Vince having some fun at the dinosaur exhibit.

343 x 400
Maddie having some refreshments and fun at the dinosaur exhibit.

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