The Freelands - June & July, 2000

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At Grammy's, June & early July, 2000

500 x 363
Painting at Grammy's in June.

435 x 400
Cousin Ella was painting, too.

466 x 400
This is fun.

486 x 400
Maddie is pretty serious about her art.

500 x 364
Explaining her technique to Grammy.

441 x 400
Vince explains the rules for the art show to Aunt Kitty, Grammy and Maddie.

301 x 400
Vince places flags for the 4th of July

262 x 400
We had small and large sizes.

500 x 322
A parade comes up our driveway.

232 x 400
Pondering the flag placement.

461 x 400
A meeting of the minds.

249 x 400
Maddie on the go!

500 x 386
One shoe on, one shoe off.

243 x 400

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