Will Cronin - Photos

Wilburt William Cronin

Born 02/24/94, 3:38 AM
Weight: 7 lbs, 4 oz
Parents: Lissa H. Reynolds and Bill Cronin


Recent Photos

At Grammy and Granddaddy's, July 2000  Last updated 08/04/00.
Will spent an extended weekend at Grammy and Granddaddy's in late July and had a chance to play a lot with all of his cousins.

At Grammy and Granddaddy's, May 2000  Last updated 08/04/00.
Will played "wiffle golf" at Grammy's.

At cousin Vince's Birthday Party, May 2000  Last updated 08/04/00.
Vince's 7th birthday party was at a neat miniature golf place.

At Grammy and Granddaddy's Aug-Sept 1999
Biking with cousin Vince at his house and then some serious baseball practice at Grammy and Granddaddy's.

At Grammy and Granddaddy's April 1999
Will spent a weekend in early April 1999 with Grammy and Granddaddy, and the weather was great for ourdoor play.

Visiting the Freelands and at Grammy's - 1998
Photos from several visits with Vince and Maddie in summer and fall 1998.

At the White House Easter Egg Hunt
On April 13th, Will and his Mom went to the White House Easter Egg Hunt with Will's school class, and they had a ball.

4th Birthday at Chuck E. Cheeze Feb 1998
Will celebrated his fourth birthday at Chuck E. Cheeze with friends from his school.

Visiting Grammy and Granddaddy Dec 97 & Jan 98
Will spent a week with Mom at Grammy and Grandaddy's at Christmas, 1997 and was back in January for Maddie Freeland's birthday.

Late Summer and October 1997
During visits to Grammy and Granddaddy's, Will and Vince formed a Band, with Will on the keyboard and Vince on the drums. This short series also includes a favorite photo of Will in his Philadelphia Flyers shirt.

Visiting Grammy & Granddaddy September 11-13, 1997
During this long weekend Will went to the Strasburg RR and Museum, hit golf balls with his Great Granddaddy Bill McCord, attended a local fair, and played in Grammy's pool with cousin Vince Freeland.

At Montgomery County Fair Aug 23, 1997
Will did it all at the Montgomery County Fair with Mom, Grammy and Granddaddy. In fact, he went on many rides twice, and probably would still be there if they would have allowed it.

You may contact Lissa at lreynolds@ajr.umd.edu.

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